Bauxite is composed of hydrous aluminum oxides, aluminum hydroxides, clay minerals, and insoluble materials such as quartz, hematite, magnetite, siderite and goethite. It’s name has its origin in Southern France, in Les Baux de Provence, where the product was discovered 2 centuries ago.


Clinker production requires sources of alumina in the raw mix, usually brough by alternative raw materials such as Fly ashes, iron ore. Bauxite is used as an alternative alumina corrective for raw mix in clinker/cement manufacturing, at typical dosage in raw mix of 1 to 3%, up to 5%.

Bauxite properties in clinker production would typically translate in higher cement strength, better clinker reactivity, improves the conduct of the rotary kiln / thermal process / burning behavior. Bauxite would lower the cost of raw mix compared to other sources of alumina.


ABT has experience in bauxite sourcing and can offer the cement industry a large variety of quality, predominantly from EMEA sources.