Clinker are intermediate products and main constituent of most cement types. They are the key component of any cement, providing the necessary hydraulic properties to cements. They are industrial products, produced from rotary kilns, resulting from the heating (up to temperatures of 1450 C) and successive cooling of raw materials (mostly limestone).

Clinker properties and performance varies along few criteria:

Reactivity: ability of a clinker to provide strength at early and late age to cement. Impacts production costs, throughput, recipes

Grindability: expresses the hardness of clinker. Impacts production costs and throughput

Colour: impact the colour of the final powder products; this is a differentiating factor in some markets

Granulometry: can be relevant to process and environment, and easiness to operate in grinding mills

Consistency: expresses the variation in the parameters (reactivity, grindability, colour and granulometry) over time; a high consistency will be appreciated since it allow a smoother process and quality management

ABT manages a wide network of suppliers and can supply a large range of clinker based on customers requirements. Typical assessment of clinker quality from AB Trading, on tp of the above parameters, will cover Chemical (Magnesium oxide, alkali content, CR6+) and Mineralogical characteristics (free lime, C3S, C3A)