Fly Ash

Fly ash (FA) is a byproduct from burning pulverized coal in electric power generating plants. During combustion, mineral impurities in the coal fuse in suspension and float out of the combustion chamber with the exhaust gases. As the fused material rises, it cools and solidifies into spherical glassy particles. FA is collected from the exhaust gases by electrostatic precipitators or bag filters.


Fly ash is a cementitious material that can be used as a raw mix component for clinker production, as a super fine aggregate (for those uses, the fly ash is usually of lower quality, typically coarse ash or ash with high LOI) or as a key component for blended cement, together with clinker and other mineral additions.

The benefits of Fly Ash are large, ranging from decreasing the cost of concrete (lower cost than cement and slag), lowering the heat of hydration (for mass concrete: dams, foundations, footings), increasing the durability of structures (reduce permeability), increasing late strength, to mitigating concrete problems (ie. ASR) and improving workability and pumpability of the concrete mix

ABT manages a large network of suppliers and his engaged in logistic cooperation to facilitate the transport and accessibility of fly ash sources to a larger range of customers.