Our Values

  1. Promoting products reducing the CO2 footprint of the construction material industry

We support the cement, the ready mix, precast industries to gradually shift towards products with a lower CO2 content, and reduce their use of natural resources, with more by-products / recycled products, through technical marketing transfer and employees with 10+ years experience in cementitious trading

We have developed relationship and strategic alignment with major slag and fly ash producers,  synthetic gypsum players and other recycled products of value for the construction industry. AB Trading is working hand in hand with those suppliers to ensure a proper marketing and pricing of these products for the benefit of customers and suppliers

2. Building relationships with business partners beyond trading

We closely work with partners on pain points, support their development plans, co-invest into logistics to reduce supply chain costs, and signs mid to long term agreements to demonstrate engagement

The cooperation with industrial companies provides connection with markets, sales channel, optionality, capacity to arbitrate across flows. This cooperation covers commercial, logistic and technical dimensions and enable AB Trading to understand in depth the importers demands

3. Ensuring a professional and seamless service delivery

Global reach, local touch

Global best practices in Trading Operation with a deep understanding of local market regulations and challenges

4. Driving the right balance between cost leadership and value creation

We continually benchmark its cost and price competitiveness through open-source information

5. Managing risk and compliance is the foundation of our business

We have a clear rules for risk assessment and management (including Due Diligence, support from 3rd parties), strict delegation of authority, minimum shipping standards

6. Providing Technical & Logistical knowledge

Based on the trading expertise of partners and employees, but also on partner’s experience in operating cement, concrete, gypsum assets in several geographies, AB Trading understand and better respond to customer’s requirements, on all operational dimensions