Blast furnace slag (Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) is largely used as a mineral additive, in cement, and in concrete as well (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag ) . Its usage is regulated by Standards and Norms (EN and ASTM standards).  GBFS can be handled and transported like clinker, GGBF like cement

Slag has poor contribution to early strength but contributes deeply to late strength; slag will typically enhanced concrete durability (Seawater, Sulfate & Chloride Attack thanks to low hydration heat properties too). Slag cement (such as CEM III or CEM II S) would therefore typically been operated for construction of massive structures like dams, thick foundations, bridge piers, marine structures, sewers, etc

Slag usually contribute to lighten the color of the final product (vs pure OPC cement). Operating slag in recipes would typically reduce production costs and reduce the CO2 content of the cement paste / concrete.

ABT manages a wide network of suppliers and can supply a large range of slags. The supply of slag is associated with the proper technical support to maximize its positive impact at customer’s site