Our ESG commitments

AB Trading intends to incorporate sustainability into the decision-making processes, putting words into actions by converting sustainability aspirations into meaningful directions and achievements, for employees, partners and stakeholders. 5 commitments are set:

1.Support  customers in developing product ranges with a lower carbon footprint. AB Trading helps customers reducing their CO2 impact, working closely to understand their sustainability objectives by promoting greener products

2.Seek supply chain optimization to reduce our CO2 footprint

As shipping contributes to approximately 2.5% of global GHG emissions, we evaluate the emission of shipments, promoting the parceling of products by offering combined shipments to our customers.

3.Conduct business responsibly: AB Trading is responding to the growing expectation from stakeholders to work with companies that demonstrated their commitment to responsible and ethical conduct. AB Trading shows support to fair labour, ensure environmental guidelines are implemented during vessel operations

4.Recruit & develop a team with gender, cultural and language diversity. A diverse team makes us stronger, resilient, agile and therefore better prepared to manage all situations.

5. Enhancing a culture of Health and Safety awareness in all what we do